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weak mobilization of support for activists’ rights

weak mobilization of support for activists’ rights
weak mobilization of support for activists’ rights

Published on : 16/10/2021 – 10:03

In Dakar, a peaceful and authorized march took place on Friday, October 15 to demand fairer justice and respect for the rights of activists. Organized by groups of civil society and political parties, it brought together barely a hundred demonstrators until the end of the day.

With our correspondent in Dakar, Thea Ollivier

After a series of speeches, the procession of demonstrators, flanked by a police force, left from Place de la Nation to reach the headquarters of RTS, the Senegalese public television.

Among the demands: fight against injustices and against the arbitrary arrest of activist Guy Marius Sagna, who was released the day before and given a three-month suspended prison sentence

« There is an injustice. In Senegal, when you are on the side of power, you can make all the scandals but justice remains silent », Deplores Seydina Mouhamadou Malal Diallo, general secretary of the Noo Lank collective. “ If you are part of civil society, of an opposition political party », he continues, we decide to “ a preventive detention procedure before even putting charges on you ».

This event was authorized only a few hours before its official start, regrets Sylvestine Mendy, of the pan-African movement Africa First: “ Normally, since it is an authorized event, there must have been a crowd, but unfortunately, this is not the case because the authorization was sent late to the collectives. »

At least five protests have been banned in Dakar in recent months.


weak mobilization support activists rights

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