Pastef comes out with the word that will “burn” Senegal…

It is an alert from xibaaru to the public authorities, religious cities, NGOs and social partners. If we are not careful, this country will burn… A political party cultivates the seeds of violence with dangerous words. On the eve of the local elections, PASTEF officials spoke of a plot to assassinate their leader. Having nothing more to offer as a social project for the conquest of power, PASTEF unearths the assassination project to set fire everywhere… Senegalese, you are warned.

Speech by Bassirou Diomaye Faye… a dangerous communication error for Senegal

Knowing how to speak to Senegalese is not the strength of the executives of the Party of Patriots of Senegal for Work, Ethics and Fraternity (PASTEF). Every time one of them speaks, the whole nation trembles. This is because their speeches can burn a country. After Ousmane Sonko, it is the turn of his loyal lieutenant, Bassirou Diomaye Faye, to speak about the incident which occurred last Monday between militants of Pastef and those of Doudou Ka. The president of the national movement of patriotic cadres (MONCAP) talks about the planned assassination against Sonko. An awkward exit perceived by many observers as a communicational drift.

In Pastef, one has to learn to move the tongue seven times before speaking. Their outings are always catastrophic. And the last person in charge of this party who has just been talked about is Bassirou Diomaye Faye. In a column published in the press yesterday Friday, he listed the low blows of power against Ousmane Sonko. Returning to the rape accusations against the deputy, the president of Moncap revealed that he had been alerted to a plot against Sonko. Conspiracy relates to a mores affair. But he preferred not to disclose the matter.

From conspiracy to assassination attempt

After what happened last Monday in Ziguinchor, Diomaye seems to have changed his method. According to him, an assassination project against Ousmane Sonko is in the making. “The attack on Ziguinchor falls within the same register as the planning of the execution of a decision taken in high places, namely the elimination of President Ousmane Sonko in the conditions of a generalized confrontation making it impossible to identify the ” professionals ” those in charge of administering the fatal blow “, revealed Sonko’s young foal.

But this statement is immature for an intellectual of the caliber of Bassirou Diomaye Faye. It is human stupidity to say that people want to destroy Sonko’s life. And such a declaration could once again tip the country into violence. Let us remember that it is the call of the leader of Pastef who had pushed the young people to go out in the streets on the day of his summons by the dean of the judges. The rest we all know.

But this declaration is calculated because it is made a few months before the local 2022. Elections generally rhyme with violence. Such a speech could ignite the powder. And Senegal does not need such a scenario. In March, Senegal had its share of deaths and blood. To push young people again to put it off again would be foolish and lacking in morale.

Bad communication … a very Patriotic fault

This declaration brings up to date the communication problem within Pastef. Members of this party are known for their hostile speeches. The Senegalese always remember the episode where Ousmane Sonko asked that all presidents, from Léopold Sédar Senghor to Macky Sall, be shot. This party always calls for violence during these media outings. A hostility due to the fact that he resolutely wants to force Macky Sall out of power from the streets.

So many will not be surprised if Bassirou Diomaye Faye slips in his speech. He is considered by many Senegalese as a soldier like his master, Ousmane Sonko. And this “virus” within Pastef even affects their supporters who shoot anyone who dares to speak of their leader.

If Pastef aspires to lead this country, it is imperative that he change his way of doing things. An election is not won in violence, it is won at the ballot box. And Sonko et Cie must be aware of this.

Aliou Niakaar Ngom for Xibaaru

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