El Hadj Mansour Mbaye Celebrated Sunday

El Hadj Mansour Mbaye Celebrated Sunday
El Hadj Mansour Mbaye Celebrated Sunday

Coincidence or a sign of fate? El Hadj Mansour Mbaye, will be honored in Tivaouane, this Sunday, October 17, 2021, his birthday on the eve of Gamou celebrating the birth of the prophet.

An anniversary which holds the attention of the whole Republic, the religious and cultural community since the Dean Haj Mansour marked his time so much.

Haj Mansour Mbaye appears as the embodiment of wisdom, a monument and one of the last Mohicans of the times before and after independence. A leading social mediator, he carried the cultural torch of our country high.

His great works have earned him to be “elected Man of the Year 2006” by the municipality of Rufisque during the third edition of the Gala de la Reconnaissance. Initiator of the event, the deputy mayor of Ndiawar Touré, praised the value of this great man and the highlighting of his approach, which, he said, are “galvanizing acts both for those who aspire to play the big roles in our country. “

It is thanks to this distinction of “man of the year” that the current Caliph General of the Tidianes, Serigne Babacar Sy Mansour, organized a religious conference in his honor at the Sorano National Theater. A ceremony that testifies to the religious dimension of Haj Mansour.

To always mark his distinction of “man of the year”, the mayor of Rufisque Ndiawar Touré, Kora Fall and Palla Mbengue had also organized a major wrestling fight in Rufisque in honor of the president of traditional communicators. This

In the same vein, Youssou Ndour had offered a free evening to Sorano called “Sargal El Hadj Mansour Mbaye”. An event which reflects the cultural dimension of man.

The distinctions were not lacking thanks to his actions. The Head of State Macky Sall had decorated him with the title of Grand Cross of the Order of Merit.

The president of traditional communicators had the great honor of being received in Paris by President Abdou Diouf, secretary general of La Francophonie at the time. This, in the presence of his chief of staff Ousmane Paye. He was also received at Unesco.

Bougane Dany, leader of the Guëm Sa Bopp movement, whose Zik fm radio studio bears the name of Hadj Mansour Mbaye.

The president of traditional communicators of Senegal El Hadj Mansour Mbaye was also honored by the mayor Bamba Fall and the municipality of the Medina. The city council of the Medina and its municipal council have renamed the BCEAO roundabout Place El Hadj Mansour Mbaye.

This Sunday, October 17 will therefore be a great day for our national Haj Mansour. The great religious singers of the El Hadji Malick Sy family, Oustaze Pope Hann of Tfm and some members of the Sy family will enhance the ceremony with their presence.

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