Ready to give up her dream career as a nurse for fear of the vaccine

Ready to give up her dream career as a nurse for fear of the vaccine
Ready to give up her dream career as a nurse for fear of the vaccine

A young nurse from Quebec who refuses the COVID-19 vaccine for personal reasons is ready to give up on her dream career in health “rather than pounding on her convictions”.

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“To be able to give to others, you must first choose yourself. I made the decision not to be vaccinated, and pressure or threats make me even less want to change my mind, ”explains Sabrina Choquette, nurse in a placement agency.

When the Minister of Health, Christian Dubé, announced that all health workers should be doubly vaccinated by October 15 – the date finally pushed back to November 15 – she felt that “her world was crumbling beneath her feet. “

“I was educated with an infant baby. I persevered and worked so hard. I had just touched on my dream of being a nurse, ”says the mother of two toddlers.

Screening before each shift, removal from her environment at the slightest symptom, wearing a mask and washing hands: she is also ready to continue taking these alternative measures for as long as necessary in order to protect the forty or so beneficiaries. of the long-term care center (CHSLD) Saint-Augustin, in Quebec, which she takes care of.

Fear of the vaccine

Far from being an antivaccine, she assures, the 25-year-old woman has some fears about this injection precisely, including the risk of developing myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle.

However, a recent large American study indicates that the risk of myocarditis is multiplied by 18 when you have COVID-19, much more than with vaccination.

“My main reason is that I feel like I don’t need this vaccine. I am young and I have no particular medical condition, ”she adds, referring to the fact that a large proportion of the deaths were in the elderly.

Moreover, 11 Quebecers under the age of 30 still lost their lives because of the virus, according to data from the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec. Not to mention that since the fourth wave, people in intensive care are getting younger and younger, experts have been saying for weeks.

Heart torn

Sabrina Choquette thinks of reorienting herself in the field of finance, but she is devastated at the idea of ​​”abandoning the elders of the CHSLD” where she has worked for months.

“I created a tight bond with them. It tears my heart apart. But I don’t feel any guilt, because it’s against my will. I want to continue to give them care, ”expresses the one who still hopes that the government will reverse its decision by November 15.

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