The City of Malmedy, victim of its own success, but that involves “rich” problems, which will have to be resolved

Posted on Saturday, October 16, 2021 at 07:36 a.m.

Through Julien Denoel

Projects that are moving forward, ambitious projects, and a future full of positive challenges: this is how to sum up in a few words the assessment at mid-term in Malmedy. Something to give a smile to the mayor, Jean-Paul Bastin.

In October 2018, when forming a new municipal college, Jean-Paul Bastin’s Alternative group opted for an association with Ersel Kaynak’s PS + group, sending the Entente Communale into the opposition. 6 years earlier, the three had united to form a majority “of national union”.

It is clear that Jean-Paul Bastin and his family may have made the right choice. Because relieved of its former partner, the new majority did not delay to advance certain issues.

Still, these good points are also synonymous with big challenges. In terms of security, holiday accommodation …

In the meantime, the City is awarded a good rating.


City Malmedy victim success involves rich problems resolved

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