Ginette Reno with heart disease

Ginette Reno with heart disease
Ginette Reno with heart disease

After being hospitalized in the intensive care of Pierre-Boucher hospital on Wednesday evening, Ginette Reno announced on Saturday that she had two heart diseases. The singer who “almost died” wrote a sentient message to her fans to inform them of her state of health.

Posted on October 16, 2021 at 2:51 p.m.

Coralie Laplante

“Basically my heart had a blackout. I almost died, ”said Ginette Reno, in a Facebook post.

She said she has heart disease. “One is operable and the other must be taken seriously and adequately medicated,” explained the Quebec diva.

Mme Reno spoke of his desire to live fully. “I am a being who has always loved life with inordinate intensity and limitless passion. And still today, I live this hospitalization to the full! She wrote.

The singer assured to be “in good and many hands”, and took the time to thank the health staff who treated her. She will be hospitalized until she is “fully on her feet and in good health,” she said.

Ginette Reno wishes to give a benefit concert in honor of Pierre-Boucher Hospital when her condition allows.


Ginette Reno heart disease

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