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Prominent Nike executive confesses to killing teenage boy in 1960s: “I hoped people wouldn’t find out”

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By the editorial staff

Published on 10/16/2021 10:50 PM
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UA prominent Nike executive confessed in a high-profile interview to shooting and killing a teenager in the 1960s. This is Larry Miller, 72, a senior executive at Nike Basketball and sister brands Jordan. and Converse. “It eats away at me from the inside,” said the American businessman of his long-kept secret. The shocking confession comes ahead of the launch of his book, which will be published next year.

The murder took place over fifty years ago on the streets of West Philadelphia. Miller was only 16 at the time and belonged to a gang. When a friend of his was shot dead by the member of a rival gang, Miller bought a gun with which he wanted revenge. On September 30, 1965, in a state of drunkenness, he did not shoot his friend’s killer but a boy he had met at random, Edward White, 18. “It made it even harder for me, because it all went for nothing,” Miller said in an interview with Sports Illustrated.

After the shooting Miller was arrested. A judge sentenced him to years in prison. According to his own statements, the businessman never lied when applying for a job. He has long kept the secret vis-à-vis his children, his friends and his business relations. He found it “very difficult”. “Because I ran away from it for years,” he explains. “I tried to hide it and hoped people wouldn’t find out.”

Right before the high-profile interview, Miller informed a few friends of his confession, including basketball legend Michael Jordan and NBA commissioner Adam Silver. Sports brand Nike says it supports the policy of providing opportunities for former prisoners so that they too can get on with their lives.


Prominent Nike executive confesses killing teenage boy #1960s hoped people wouldnt find

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