Missing since 2018, the Police discover the bones of Malick Camara in a farm

After looking everywhere for him and despairing of finding him, his parents thought he had taken the “Barça-Barsakh” canoes and drowned in the Atlantic Ocean or the Mediterranean. Until his bones were discovered a few days ago, by the elements of the urban police station of Mbour.

In fact, indicates “The Witness”, the young Malick Camara had been killed and buried in Mballing in a poultry farm where he worked. The alleged assassin is none other than his fellow farmer, Pape Tanor Diop. He was arrested the day before yesterday and placed under a warrant of committal.

There is no such thing as a perfect crime! Known for its proven expertise and professionalism in criminal investigation, the National Police has yet to prove that this reputation is not overrated, by elucidating a complex crime in Mbour. And more precisely, in the Mbaling district where the elements of Commissioner Baïdy Sène, supported by their colleagues from the forensic science, succeeded in the miracle of discovering the bones of young Malick Camara, who disappeared in 2018.

The deceased was 37 years old at the time of the incident. The drama took place in the Mballing district where Malick Camara was killed and buried on the farm where he lived and worked with the alleged murderer. Which is called Pape Tanor Diop, 29 years old.

For the motive of the crime, the investigation roundly carried out by the Police, revealed that the assassin wanted to remove Malick Camara from the management and the exploitation of the poultry farm belonging to the uncle of the victim.

Motive for the crime ? Three years ago, young farmer Malick Camara was missing. Based on the statements then made by his fellow farmer Pape Tanor Diop, the victim’s uncle believed that his nephew had taken the “Barça-Barsakh” canoes. In fact, the sudden disappearance of the farm worker had coincided with the resumption of maritime expeditions to Spain on board makeshift boats.

However, the parents of the “disappeared” never interrupted their research, while raising their suspicions on Pope Tanor Diop who, since then, had managed the farm where Malick Camara worked on his own. A
small farm which covers 600 m2. Because both the owner and members of his family were able to see that there are areas or nooks that were prohibited to them.

In any case, Pape Tanor Diop always knew how to make sure that access to these suspicious places was not easy for visitors or “foreign” relatives. It is added that Pape Tanor Diop had never gone to the police to declare the disappearance of his colleague Malick Camara, even though he had been mandated by the family to do so. Especially since he lived and worked with the deceased, with whom he apparently got along well.

In short, so many things that pushed the hierarchy of the Police, with at its head, the Director General Seydou Bocar Yague, who had never ceased to be interested in this mysterious disappearance, to trigger the action
public, by making large resources available to investigators from the Mbour police station.

Supported by elements of the forensic science and gravediggers, the police arrived a few days ago in the Mballing farm which they searched from top to bottom. As “tourist” guide, they had the former master of the places Pape Tanor Diop who, in the meantime, had been made redundant by the owner of the farm.

By flair and by a miracle, the police came across human bones while digging. Bones consisting of a skull, two arms, two femurs and two legs in green shorts. As well as a red t-shirt stained with blood. These were the remains of Malick Camara.

Indeed, the results of the expertise of forensic medicine and scientific police confirmed that the bones are indeed those of Malick Camara. On the spot, it was found that the alleged assassin had dug this grave on a cement surface to bury the deceased. After which, he put back a layer of cement.

In any case, the crime was almost perfect, had it not been for the determination and availability of the Police to elucidate this “missing person” affair.

Prosecuted for murder, Pape Tanor Diop was referred and placed under committal.

A result made possible thanks to the professionalism of our National Police!

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