Gotham Knights trailer: a powerful trailer for the Court of Owls, the game’s great threat

Gotham Knights was one of the big stars of the DC Fan Dome 2021 and treated itself to a full-fledged trailer with one central element: the Court of the Owls.

Now that Bruce Wayns has left his place after the events of Batman Arkham Knight, it is Batgirl, Robin, Redhood and Nightwing who have decided to take over in this new adventure: it will be playable in online cooperation – a great first in the franchise – and will therefore focus on new protagonists … and not only.

the mafia had better watch out

If Carmine Falcone is the head of the Gotham City mafia, the Court of Owls, she is at another stage. This sort of demented cult-like crime council is known to have staggering influence., often even pretending to be a myth but actually acting … in the shadows.

For the first time, It is therefore this entity that will be at the heart of the Gotham Knights conflict and it is also this entity that is at the center of this unpublished trailer. : the opportunity to admire (or fear, it depends) its power which may well give a hard time to our masked team.

As a reminder, the app is scheduled for 2022 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. A making-of of the above trailer can also be viewed by clicking here.

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Gotham Knights trailer powerful trailer Court Owls games great threat

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