Don’t touch the Quebec model!

Don’t touch the Quebec model!
Don’t touch the Quebec model!

Have you ever seen the movie Fear Strikes Out, avec Anthony Perkins ?

This feature film released in 1957 tells the tragic life of Jimmie Piersall, a famous baseball player who played for the Boston Red Sox.

Pushed to the limit by a tyrannical and demanding father who wanted his son to become the greatest baseball player of all time, Piersall eventually broke down and had to be interned in a mental hospital.


In one particularly intense scene, a psychiatrist tells Piersall that it was his father who made him sick …

“Stop repeating that, it’s wrong!” ton Piersall. It is thanks to my father that I got to where I am now !!! “

The shrink looks at Piersall in silence. And in his eyes, we see everything he would like to say to his patient, but dare not …

“Exactly, look around you, Jim … You are at the asylum …”

I thought about this scene while reading the text that The newspaper published yesterday on the Quebec model that is cracking everywhere.

Whenever we dare to criticize the Quebec model (a mode of management in which the State is omnipresent, especially in the economic sphere), there are always people who say: “Stop criticizing the Quebec model, it’s thanks.” to him if we are where we are now! ”

Uh … Exactly …

Look where we are now.

Shortage of teachers, nurses, engineers, veterinarians, daycare educators.

Most Taxpayers in America.

Obese public service (one in four Quebec workers works for the government, a peak).

Alarming illiteracy rate.

No new jobs created in the private sector since September 2018.

Billions of dollars lost after the state invested in lame ducks.

Systematic cost overruns in large construction projects.

Etc., etc.

In short, our beautiful model that we wanted to export to the four corners of the country is taking water and cracking everywhere.

And is it this model that some want to protect?


At some point, we will have to look reality in the face.

The Quebec model provided answers from the 1960s to questions that were posed to us … in the 1960s.

However, we are in 2021.

The time has come to change the model or to renovate it.

You know Einstein’s famous phrase that I often quote: “The definition of insanity is to always do the same thing and expect different results each time.” “

Well, this is it.

Now is the time to try something else.

“In 1960, the State was the bearer of all hope,” said economist Pierre Fortin during a symposium on the Quiet Revolution in May 2010. Today, having become omnipresent, it is the source of much frustration.

“The State has become the nanny of companies, the Father Christmas of the regions.

“If we want to prepare for the imminent demographic change, it is clear that we will have to thoroughly review our ways of doing things in health, education and infrastructure management. “


Mr. Fortin said these words 11 years ago.

Do you find that we have made progress since then?

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