Flu vaccine available to Ontarians one month later this year

Flu vaccine available to Ontarians one month later this year
Flu vaccine available to Ontarians one month later this year

Last year, the free flu vaccination campaign was launched for everyone in early October.

Provincial authorities point to delays in vaccine production this year, in addition to the government’s desire to prioritize seniors and people with chronic illnesses that make them more vulnerable.

In addition, residents of long-term care centers have already started to receive the influenza vaccine.

Health Minister Christine Elliott says the province is investing $ 89 million to purchase 7.6 million doses, 1.4 million more than last year.

Last year the flu shot was very effective. We have only had 25 laboratory-confirmed influenza cases in Ontario compared to thousands in previous years.

A quote from:Christine Elliott, Minister of Health

Experts note that wearing a mask and other health restrictions related to COVID-19 have also helped reduce the incidence of respiratory illnesses.

Minister Elliott is urging Ontarians to get their flu shots in droves this year. She adds that it is possible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at the same time for those who have not already had it.

In the fall, when we begin to meet indoors more often with family and friends, it is even more important to get the flu shot, in addition to following public health measures, to protect yourself and those around yousays Ontario’s Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Kieran Moore.

More doses for pharmacies

Last year, many pharmacies were out of stock in the first weeks of the vaccination campaign, not to mention queues for branches that still had doses.

This year, pharmacies are to receive 40% of the doses ordered by the province compared to 36% last year.

Epidemiologist and professor at Ryerson University in Toronto, Tim Sly, apprehends a problematic flu season and urges the public to get vaccinated.

If mask wear restrictions are lowered, any strain of influenza will be able to spread with little or no resistance. Our defenses against the flu are weak, because we have acquired little or no immunity in our daily contact.

A quote from:Tim Sly, professor at Ryerson University

For her part, Dr. Anna Banerji, pediatrician and professor at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto, is not overly concerned about the delayed launch of the influenza vaccination campaign, noting that the The start of the influenza season seems to be slowing this year, if one relies on the American data, among other things.

She is concerned, however, about the spread of respiratory syncytial virus in the country.

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