There is no question of limiting electricity rate increases

There is no question of limiting electricity rate increases
There is no question of limiting electricity rate increases

The Legault government assumes the sharp increase in electricity rates scheduled for next year and believes that taxpayers will ultimately pay the fair price.

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“Our rates will be predictable for inflation. So there is consistency in the increase in the costs of the Crown corporation and the increase in tariffs, ”said Natural Resources Minister Jonatan Julien.

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The Minister of Natural Resources, Jonatan Julien

The Journal reported Monday that after grocery and gasoline, the cost of electricity would also hurt families, with a residential rate hike rising nearly 3% next year.

At the end of 2019, the CAQ government adopted its law 34 which allows Hydro-Quebec to increase the residential rate according to inflation, without taking into account the Régie de l’énergie, until 2025.

Minister Julien refuses to intervene by freezing prices, as requested by the opposition parties.

“If today we make a political gesture, it means that we are buying a tariff shock in 2025”, assures the minister.

Poisoned gift

The leader of the Liberal Party, Dominique Anglade, believes that the increase in hydroelectricity tariffs is directly linked to a decision by François Legault.

“He changed the rules. We had warned that this would have consequences on the portfolio of Quebecers, ”said the elected.

Quebec Solidaire parliamentary leader Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois reiterated that Bill 34 was a poisoned gift. That by promising to reimburse the overpayments, Quebec would then make taxpayers pay “more”.

“The increase in inflation is greater than expected because inflation, by definition, is very poorly predicted. Well, Hydro’s tariffs are going to go up, ”he said.

Impoverish Quebecers

The leader of the Parti Québécois, Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon, also believes that the increase in the residential rate is a direct consequence of the government’s decision.

“Through the fault of the CAQ, we removed the guardrail which is the Régie de l’énergie, then Quebecers are getting poorer because we are giving increases,” he lamented. .


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