Morocco: mess after the obligation of the vaccine pass

At a time when only 56% of the Moroccan population is vaccinated, the entry into force of the vaccination pass from October 21 is causing a stir in the Cherifian kingdom. The press release published by the government on Monday, October 18 announces, with almost no moratorium, the adoption of “a new preventive approach based on the vaccination pass”. In other words, from this Thursday, the inhabitants of the kingdom will be required to provide the document to move around the territory, access public or semi-public or private administrations … But more astonishing still, it will be necessary to present this pass to access hotel and tourist establishments, restaurants, cafes, closed spaces, shops, etc.

But the anger of the inhabitants roars in the kingdom. Indeed, according to the Yabiladi newspaper, a citizen collective made up of several public figures has launched a petition against the implementation of the vaccination pass without national debate. He thus denounces an approach without any notice or reasonable time that will expose millions of Moroccans to the risk “of not having access to their jobs, of finding themselves unable to access an administration in an emergency or to enjoy others. more basic rights ”. The collective also warns of the risk of jostling in front of vaccination centers, which could “give rise to an effect contrary” to that desired by the government.

The explanations of the Minister of Health

Faced with many detractors, the Minister of Health Khalid Ait Taleb, interviewed by Média24, clarified some gray areas. According to the latter, “the application which delivers the vaccine passes is being modified” so that the vaccine pass is issued as soon as the first dose is administered. Note that the QR code issued during the first injection may be deactivated if the person has not taken their second dose after 21 days for Sinopharm or Pfizer vaccinees, and 28 for AstraZeneca.

But a new condition is added to his declarations: that of the third obligatory dose. Thus, if 6 months after receiving the second dose of the anti-covid vaccine, the third injection has not been administered, the pass will become “obsolete”.

Double penalty for part of the population

Announcements in addition to already strict health restrictions. Indeed, since the end of confinement, Moroccan citizens have been under the yoke of a curfew, the end of which does not yet seem to be on the program.


Morocco mess obligation vaccine pass

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