Miss Senegal 2020 breaks the silence and shocks the world: “I have been sick, abandoned and humiliated …”

Fatima Dione has a heavy heart. Absent from the 2021 edition of Miss Senegal, the young girl, winner 2020, confided in Seneweb. She and the participants of the edition passed unanimously, they say they are victims of the organizing committee of Miss Senegal.

According to Fatima Dione, it all started with her desire to recover the gifts that had been promised to her, when she was crowned Miss Senegal. “It is received nothing, no car, no scholarship, no travel. I think it’s my right to have wanted them to recover”, confides the young girl.

«JI asked what was rightfully mine and the organizing committee didn’t like it, which put me aside. During the whole process of organizing Miss Senegal 2021, I was not associated with anything at all. Alberta Diatta, Miss Senegal 2019, did all the activities I was supposed to do. I would wake up and just see some posts and advertisements about the 2021 edition; nothing plus», narre Fatima.

During the final of Miss Senegal, she shone by her absence. After questioning the reasons for his non-presence, Senegalese internet users decided to provide him with financial assistance.

This, after having subscribed in mass on his accounts at the level of social networks. An initiative supported by all the candidates who participated in the 2020 edition. Eve Kassee, Miss Saint-Louis, pronounced on the subject.

“This that Fatima and all of us have suffered, is an injustice. She was humiliated on social networks, after being elected Miss Senegal and the committee did nothing to curb this negative buzz.

The worst part was that she fell ill and no one helped her up. We gathered around her to make this injustice denounced”, she says.

Fatima Dione and his comrades do not intend to stop there and want to lead their fight to the end. “This is not only for us, but it can happen to others too”, Explain Eve.

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