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A terrifying night for the founder of the Cora chain

A terrifying night for the founder of the Cora chain
A terrifying night for the founder of the Cora chain

Shortly after being awakened by police officers who came to tell her that one of her children had been kidnapped, the founder of Cora restaurants received two calls from a kidnapper with a threatening voice ordering her to go to her son’s house and follow the instructions. indications left on the table.

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“I was in a state of anxiety and fear. How could I tell you? [Les policiers] told me that my son was perhaps in danger, but no one explained to me why, ”Cora Mussely Tsouflidou testified today at the Laval courthouse.

Paul Zaidan, accused

His son Nicholas Tsouflidis was kidnapped on March 8, 2017 at his house in Mirabel, then sequestered for hours before being released in a ditch in Laval. The ex-franchisee Paul Zaidan, 52, is currently facing trial in connection with this kidnapping.

That evening, the founder of the restaurant chain was asleep in her library when police arrived at her home.

While she was in her kitchen with them, she received two calls on her cell phone.

The kidnappers call him

At the end of the line, a strange and threatening voice said to him: “You will do as I tell you. You are going to visit your boy […]. There are instructions on the table and you are going to do exactly what is marked. “

Then his cell phone rings again and he is ordered not to alert the police. It was then that she realized that her son had been kidnapped.

“It was like in a movie. I was appallingly worried, ”she added, recounting these moments of anguish.

The letter seized by the police from his son contained an $ 11 million ransom demand, the Crown told the jury during its opening statement.

The businesswoman was then brought to the police station with her daughter, where she said she cried “like a madeleine” and had a nervous breakdown for the first time in her life. In the early hours of the morning, her son was finally found safe and sound.

Family conflict

In cross-examination, Tsouflidou was questioned at length about a conflict between her and her eldest son, Theoharis Tsouflidis.

Family relations were strained, because she had decided to “cut off food” to her son, who had a drug problem since his return from Greece, where he lived for fifteen years, said the 74-year-old woman. .

“I told him that I would not help him financially as long as he was in this condition. He was very angry with me, with the family, ”she said.

According to the defense, the kidnapping of the president of the restaurants Cora is a set-up serving to squeeze his older brother, who wanted a job in the family business.

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