Will players’ agent Dejan Veljkovic become the first repentant in Belgium?

Will players’ agent Dejan Veljkovic become the first repentant in Belgium?
Will players’ agent Dejan Veljkovic become the first repentant in Belgium?

Negotiate a reduction in sentence as well as protection in exchange for information on his accomplices. This is the objective of the statute of repentance, a legislative device which exists in Belgium since July 2018. “We copied a bit from other countries”, explains lawyer Laurent Kennes. “This already existed in Anglo-Saxon law, notably in the United States. It also exists in Italy where the statute of repentance has been used to fight against the Mafia”.

Valid for the most serious offenses

Concretely, there is an agreement which is signed between an accused person and the justice system. But for that, two conditions must be met. First, let there be no other way to get to the truth. Then, let it be a matter of a serious offense. “For a cell phone concealment, we are not going to have someone who can negotiate a repentant status”, indicates Laurent Kennes.

First and foremost, the repentant and the prosecution must agree to an agreement in which each commits to a series of points. The repentant undertakes to make important and complete declarations likely to allow the justice to indict then to judge his accomplices. As for the prosecution, in exchange for this information, it undertakes to determine a priori the penalty incurred.

Dejan Veljkovic, the first repentant in Belgium?

And justly. This is what it is about in the vast file of corruption which agitates Belgian football. Dejan Velkovic, one of the main protagonists in this case, agreed to provide all the information he had. In exchange, his sentence will be capped at five years in prison, a fine of 80,000 euros and the confiscation of illegally earned money. The agreement was signed between Dejan Veljkovic’s lawyer and the Federal Prosecutor’s Office. It is now up to the indictments chamber to say whether or not it validates the memorandum.

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If the indictments chamber validates Dejan Veljkovic’s status as a repentant, the latter would then become one of the very first to obtain this status in Belgium. It must be said that as these are the most serious offenses, as it concerns organized crime, human trafficking or drug trafficking, they are not much to push to the gate, as recognized Frédéric Van Leeuw, the federal prosecutor. “We have had a whole series of rather horrendous acts of violence, murders or even people cut into pieces. I expected lawyers to come and seek repentance status for their clients, there is none. who dares to do it. “

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