in which places do we become infected the most?

in which places do we become infected the most?
in which places do we become infected the most?

With the upsurge in the number of cases in France, one may wonder what are the places where we are infected the most. There is no recent survey on the matter at the national level, but the Occitanie region, on the other hand, has done the accounts. They asked all of their positive cases detected last week how they had been infected. Astonishing result, it is the sporting environment that is the most cited.

This concerns both sports halls and frequentation of refreshments when going to see a match, or group sports lessons. This is actually quite logical, because these are places indoors, where you do not wear the mask. In the other places of contamination mentioned, we then institutions for the elderly or disabled where there also the wearing of the mask is complicated.

Then follow the private gatherings. Much further down the list, there are bars, restaurants and nightclubs, proof of the effectiveness of the health pass. Finally, the school and the company are also little identified as places of contamination.

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