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It’s a big chance for a woman who won two tickets for a trip to space, aboard a ship of the company of the British billionaire Richard Branson, Virgin Galactic. The identity of the winner was revealed by the latter, this Wednesday, November 24, 2021. It is indeed Keisha Schahaff, a 44-year-old woman who resides in Antigua and Barbuda.

She doesn’t plan to get there in space on her own

I have to say that Virigin Galactic wanted to go big to break the news to the winner of two tickets each worth $ 450,000. Indeed, he is the boss of the firm, Richard Branson, who visited in person at Keisha Schahaff to surprise him. In an interview with a French media, she said she thought “Just do an interview on zoom”. “When I saw Richard Branson come in, I started screaming! I couldn’t believe it ” she said, pointing out to have “Always fascinated by space”. In addition, the lucky winner has let it be known that she does not intend to go there in space alone, but with her 17-year-old daughter. The latter, who is currently studying science at UK, dreams of one day working for the American space agency, NASA.

note that Richard Branson reacted in a statement. “Being able to give people of all ages and backgrounds equitable access to space, and in turn, the opportunity to inspire and guide others once on Earth, is what Virgin Galactic has been striving for ever since. two decades “ did he declare. As a reminder, Keisha Schahaff won both tickets by participating in a fundraiser organized by Virgin Glactic. The money collected will be donated to the NGO Space for Humanity, which works for greater access to space.


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