a new dematerialized system is born

a new dematerialized system is born
a new dematerialized system is born

This new system, which is based on the electronic exchange of data with partner administrations and institutions, will ensure that pension recipients are alive and will prevent them from having to travel to complete any administrative process.

For pension beneficiaries whose survival could not be verified by the aforementioned electronic exchange, the CNSS will use the professional E-BARKIA service of Poste Maroc which will confirm the survival of the person concerned through the actual receipt by the latter. the letter that will be sent to him by the CNSS.

The CNSS will then inform the persons concerned of the outcome of this process, either by telephone, or by e-mail when it has one, or through their account opened on the MaCNSS portal.

As regards the beneficiaries of pensions served abroad, they will receive, by post, a life control form, in order to fill it out by the competent authority and return it to the CNSS.


dematerialized system born

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