provisional release for the Moroccan woman suspected of having killed her two daughters

After four years and three months in pre-trial detention, Naïma B., the mother of Inès and Nawal, two multi-disabled girls who have gone missing since December 2016, is released, but remains under judicial supervision. She was arrested and indicted in September 2017 for “aggravated intentional homicides”, recalls France 3.

The police never found the bodies of the girls. As for Naïma B., she has always proclaimed her innocence. His lawyers are delighted with his release. “We had appealed against the order of the indictment, because we believe that there is not enough evidence to suggest that the girls are dead,” said Me Sophie Grolleau who is defending her with Me Patrick Lamarque.

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The two girls, aged 11 and 13 when they disappeared, suffered from several disabilities. They could neither eat nor move around on their own. Their mother, Naïma B., was the only one to take care of them, after their father abandoned them when the second child was born. Nawal and Inès were placed in a specialized and medical institute before their disappearance. They never returned there, until the announcement of their disappearance in 2017.

At the start of the investigation, Naïma B. declared that she had sent her daughters to Morocco. Then, she changed her version, swearing to have entrusted them to a couple met in Spain, without giving more details. “From the start, my client has been saying she didn’t kill them. She does not trust medical institutions, because her daughters have experienced too many difficulties there, ”assures Me Grolleau. Naïma B. persists and signs that her daughters are safe, but without indicating the location, fearing that their custody will be withdrawn from her. For the moment, she remains at liberty, while the investigating judge of the Court of Appeal of Agen, who ordered further investigation, finds new elements likely to clarify the case.

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