5 years suspended, confiscation of 4 million euros: Dejan Veljkovic is the first repentant of Belgium

After having delivered a great deal of information, the former player and coach agent is done with this file that is shaking the world of Belgian football. Others involved may start to tremble as the indictment concerning them is soon over.


Par Laurence Wauters

Published on 11/25/2021 12:25 PM
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L‘agreement between the federal prosecutor’s office and the players’ agent Dejan Veljkovic, the first (and only so far) Belgian litigant to obtain the status of repentant, was approved this Thursday morning in a judgment of the indictments chamber of Antwerp. The person concerned was not present at this hearing which was held behind closed doors and which only consisted of the delivery of the decision: this therefore confirms that he receives the bail, for the large hundred charges against him in the Footbelgate case, a five-year suspended sentence accompanied by a suspended fine of 80,000 euros and the confiscation of the sums obtained illegally, which amount to around 4 million and which have already been largely recovered by the justice, in particular via the sale of his luxury villa in Schoten (affluent outskirts of Antwerp) last year.

The “partnership” between justice and the repentant

The 50-year-old Serbian was intercepted in October 2018 when around forty searches had launched the “footbelgate”, after long months of spinning and wiretapping. He had regained his freedom 40 days later while promising the public prosecutor to give all the information in his possession on the illegal procedures adopted in the world of Belgian football, which had given rise to what is called, in the law on the repentants adopted three and a half years ago, a memorandum formalizing this “partnership” between justice and the repentant. He has been auditioned 27 times and has provided a great deal of information, in particular on the beneficiaries of the systems put in place, which concern around ten Belgian clubs then in the first division; an addendum was then produced to complete the agreement, in particular with regard to the money he had obtained through these illegal activities.

Final conviction

Dejan Veljkovic is therefore now definitively condemned for forgery in writing, corruption, money laundering, and for having been a leader of a criminal organization, this in connection with about fifty transfers, a hundred contracts and two matches the result of which would have been distorted. His sentence is not expected to change depending on the outcome of the trial which should be set up in the momentum, because it is final – the suspension he was granted on the prison sentence and the fine could however fall if he were to commit other offenses in the next few years. He remains at the disposal of justice if, for example, confrontations were to be organized, specified his counsel, Me Kris Luyckx.

The prosecution is in the process of finalizing the indictment concerning the dozens of other people involved – according to our information, this indictment will be ready shortly. Unless they obtain a dismissal or a suspension of the pronouncement at the time of the settlement of the procedure, or if they manage to obtain a transaction with the prosecution, these people (agents, managers of football clubs, referees …) will be judged before the Antwerp Court of Appeal.

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