First edition of the Taghazout Surf Expo trade fair

First surfing fair in Africa, Taghazout Surf Expo will be held from January 13 to 16, 2022. The 4000m2 exhibition space will be set up near Anchor Point, an iconic surf spot in Taghazout bay, popular with surfers. of the whole world.

Thirty-five exhibitors are expected, among them surf equipment manufacturers, surfwear and accessories brands, online travel agencies, schools and surf camps as well as public and private organizations working in sport or tourism. . The objective is to connect these professionals to create new business opportunities and to think together about the structuring of the surf market in Morocco.

This first edition’s mission is to promote the territorial, cultural and environmental resources of Taghazout and its region: more than a simple fair, Taghazout Surf Expo works to stimulate an innovative and sustainable tourism sector through several components such as art, scientific research and training.

Thus, in collaboration with the Lab-network ULYSSE (Belgium) and LARLANCO, the research laboratory on languages ​​and communication of the University of Ibn Zohr, research was started last July with the aim of studying the evolution historical, urban, architectural and social of Taghazout and to highlight the socio-economic impact of surfing on this region. Half a dozen round tables will be organized during the four days of the show, in the presence of around thirty national and international researchers, to present, analyze and discuss the research results.

The Sea in Colors program also includes artistic events such as Sunset Live Concerts, daily musical break at sunset, Up The Shore, murals, Ride In Colors, board painting and artistic upcycling workshops referred to by the name ofUpcycl’art.

The show is co-organized by the Taghazout Surf Expo association and the Souss Massa Regional Tourism Council, supported by the ONMT in partnership with the Royal Moroccan Surf Federation, the Souss Massa Regional Tourism Development Company, the Regional Center Investment Souss Massa, the municipality of Taghazout as well as the Madaëf Eco6 program.

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