Brupass and Brupass XL tariffs will increase in Brussels

Brupass and Brupass XL tariffs will increase in Brussels
Brupass and Brupass XL tariffs will increase in Brussels

Tariff increase in sight at STIB. The price of the Brupass and Brupass XL formulas will be indexed from next February and automatically for the following two years, recently decided by the management committee and the board of directors of the Brussels public transport company. As a reminder, Brupass, it is the single ticket STIB, TEC, De Lijn and SNCB allowing travelers to travel by bus, tram, metro and train in the 19 municipalities and beyond within a perimeter of 11.5 kilometers if they opt for the Brupass XL formula. Brupass and Brupass XL were launched in February 2021 replacing the titles MTB and Jump.

the current price of a one-year Brupass subscription is 583 euros and 775 euros for the Brupass XL. The ticket for a trip costs 2.40 euros in classic Brupass and 3 euros in Brupass XL. The proposal made by the STIB management committee on Tuesday evening and endorsed in the aftermath, plans to increase the annual XL subscription from 775 to 780 euros in February 2022, to 790 euros in February 2023 and 800 euros in February 2024. XL monthly subscription, it increases year by year from 74 today to 80 euros in February 2024.

The other increases also concern the classic one-month Brupass (55.50 euros currently, 56.50 euros in February 2022, 57.40 euros in 2023, 58.30 euros in 2024). We will also note the progressive increases programmed for the XL formulas of one and 10 trips as well as for the intra-Brussels formulas of 10 trips and a day.

The prices of Brupass 1 trip and 12 months are therefore unchanged.“, indicates the note discussed by the STIB authorities.”The price of the 1-month Brupass subscription is increased by 1.8%, which according to the forecasts of the Federal Planning Bureau, is lower than the level of inflation estimated for 2022 of 2.10%. It should be noted that the price of monthly Brupass and Brupass XL subscriptions remains marginal compared to the average monthly cost of a car in Belgium (between 550 and 590 euros per month).

970,000 euros in revenue for STIB

This increase is a “opportunity to grow STIB revenue on a recurring basis (Editor’s note: 970,000 euros per year), and consequently to improve cost coverage, with a limited impact on the inhabitants of Brussels. Indeed, Brussels subscribers are little affected by these tariff changes.“. In 2021, around 18,000 Brupass subscribers are from Brussels, i.e. barely 5.6% of all subscribers (297,000).

As required by the procedure, after validation by the STIB board of directors, the price increase proposal must still be endorsed by the regional government, which meets this Thursday before entry into force, still on the following February 1.


Brupass Brupass tariffs increase Brussels

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