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a virtual land has been sold for over $ 2 million!

A “metaverse real estate agency Has just acquired a virtual land for a historic amount of more than two million dollars. Located in the fashion district of Decentraland, the purchase reflects a sudden infatuation among fashion companies for the metaverse.

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The recent announcement of Facebook – sorry, of Meta – of its ambitions for the metaverse seems to have started a real rush for everything related to it. The latest news comes from, a company specializing in decentralized finance (DeFi). The firm, via its subsidiary Metaverse Group, has just spent 618,000 Mana to buy land in the virtual world of Decentraland.

Metaverse Group describes itself as a real estate agency for the metavars. She bought a total of 116 plots, the equivalent of 566 m² of land. Mana is a cryptomonnaie used in the world of Decentraland. The purchase is estimated at over two million dollars based on the past few days, the largest purchase of virtual land Of the history. The price of Mana has soared since the announcement, up 25%.

The metaverse, a new fashion battleground?

The plots are located in the heart of Fashion Street, the fashion district in this virtual universe. has indicated that it wants ” bring new opportunities for fashion brands to present new digital merchandise in the metaverse ».

This announcement follows other major announcements in the industry. Nike has just launched Nikeland, its own piece of the metaverse in the Roblox game. Adidas has also invested in real estate within the Metaverse, but this time in the virtual world of The Sandbox. The firm announced a partnership with Coinbase and the purchase of 144 plots for 400 Ethereum, or around 1.7 million euros. And the madness of metaverse has only just begun …

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