Booster dose, PCR test valid for 24 hours, return of the mask indoors: what Véran announced

Booster dose, PCR test valid for 24 hours, return of the mask indoors: what Véran announced
Booster dose, PCR test valid for 24 hours, return of the mask indoors: what Véran announced

Repeated five times. Facing the 5e wave of Covid-19 affecting Europe and France – 32,591 new contaminations on Wednesday, the highest since April 24 – the Minister of Health spoke on Thursday, November 25.

> Look at the summary of Olivier Véran’s announcements:

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« Yes, the virus is circulating again. It travels fast, all over the world. Yes, France is in turn experiencing a fifth wave. It will undoubtedly be stronger, longer than the one we experienced this summer “, Explained Olivier Véran in the preamble, before making a series of announcements.

  • The 3e dose extended to all French adults

“The vaccination booster will be open to all adults aged 18 and over as early as 5 months after their last injection. It concerns 25 million French people. We invite them to be vaccinated in the next two months ”, announced Olivier Véran. The reminder will be open from this Saturday, November 27.

Antoine Flahault: “Better to vaccinate the whole of humanity rather than a third dose for all”

In addition, the Minister of Health has listed a whole series of cases depending on your situation – infected with Covid, vaccinated, both …

  • The health pass invalidated if no reminder within 7 months

All people over the age of 18 will have to justify their health pass “From January 15th” 2022 have received a booster dose of anti-Covid vaccine no more than seven months after the previous one.

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Can we still debate the health pass?

“As of December 15, the health pass for people over 65 will no longer be active if the reminder has not been made within seven months of infection or after the last injection. And from January 15, this health pass for all other audiences, that is to say French people aged 18 to 64, will no longer be active if the reminder has not been made within this period which remains unchanged. seven months after the last injection ‘, said the Minister of Health.

  • The validity of PCR tests reduced to 24 hours

From Monday, November 29, the PCR tests that give access to the health pass will have a validity period reduced to 24 hours.

  • The mask is back indoors

“We must resume good habits”, underlined Olivier Véran. “The mask has been gradually taken off. Given the circulation of the virus, it must be delivered. From Friday [26 novembre, NDLR], a decree will make the wearing of a mask compulsory everywhere indoors in places covered by the health pass. The prefects will be empowered to make the wearing of a mask compulsory outside ”, added the Minister of Health.

Do not throw away your surgical mask, it remains effective even after 10 machine washes

For the moment, no information on the precise list of the establishments concerned has been given, which should be done during the day.

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  • Vaccination for 5-11 year olds

France is studying the possibility of vaccinating children aged 5 to 11 against Covid-19, but in any case, this will not happen before “Early 2022”. “This vaccination, if it were decided in France, would not start before the beginning of the year 2022”said Olivier Véran, who approached national health authorities after the approval of Pfizer’s vaccine for 5-11 years by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

  • No more class closures from the first case in primary

The Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer announced that from next week, there will be no more class closures in primary schools from the first case of Covid detected in a student.

“The Covid-19 will still be circulating in ten years”

“Our compass remains the priority of an open school”, recalled Jean-Michel Blanquer. “From next week, when a student tests positive, all the students in the class are tested in turn and only the classmates who test positive stay at home”, said the minister, stressing that “8,500 schools (were) closed (Wednesday), against 4,100 on November 19”.

  • All Anti-Covid will notify you when your pass expires

“There will be a new option on the TousAntiCovid application that will alert you when your health pass is about to expire”, announced Olivier Véran.

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As a preamble to his announcements, Olivier Véran returned to the importance of vaccination: “The vaccine protects us, individually, by reducing the risk of developing a serious form, and collectively, because it greatly reduces the circulation of the virus”, he added, adding that without the vaccine, “We would probably all be confined already.”

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