Coronavirus: why travel is no longer considered a danger

Forbidden, then “strongly discouraged” for months, travel abroad is no longer part of the flagship measures to fight against the coronavirus epidemic. A turnaround that can be explained by one word: variant.

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Journalist in the Political Department

By Maxime Biermé

Published on 11/25/2021 5:37 PM
Reading time: 4 min

Dn Belgium reconfigured in the winter of 2020, anyone who wanted to attempt a trip abroad had to bring out their adventurer’s outfit. The vaccine was not there, nor the health pass. It was necessary to show white paw via negative tests, forms to fill out or a mandatory quarantine on return. Travel abroad was “strongly discouraged” with threat of sanction for anyone who does not comply with all the rules on return.

A year later, while the epidemic figures are again very bad, the variable “travel” has not appeared for several months in the reports of experts from Gems, the experts responsible for advising the government. There is still the famous PLF to complete and some formalities for the unvaccinated or those returning from a dark red zone outside the European borders, but other than that …

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Coronavirus travel longer considered danger

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