A new update available for Truecaller Android

Version 12 of the smartphone app, Truecaller, is now available. The announcement made this Thursday, November 25, indicated that this new update of the True Software Scandinavia AB application comes with a whole new set of features. They will gradually be made available to Android users in India. It will be only after that they will find themselves in other countries of the planet. This choice to prioritize Indian users is not trivial. These constitute nearly 73% of the 300 million active users of the application worldwide. Regarding the iOS version of Truecaller, no communication has yet been made about it.

Credit – Truecaller

Features for all users

The new options available with the Trucaller 12 can be grouped into two categories. The first consists of features that can be used by both those with a free version and those who use a premium version of the application. The second category for its part is reserved only for those who pay a monthly payment to use the application.

There are three functionalities for the general public. The first is video caller ID. The user can if he wishes to define a short video in his settings. As soon as the latter calls one of the contacts in his directory, said video will automatically be displayed in the latter.

Truecaller has made available to its users four preloaded models. These can be used to serve as video identification when the user makes a call.

The second consumer functionality offered by the new Truecaller is the simplified interface. The latter allows you to separate calls and SMS in two distinct tabs. Which changes a lot from the previous version.

Indeed, on the latter it was necessary to go through a Home shortcut to access calls. With separate tabs, the user can now access all of their text messages, Truecaller group chats as well as live chats with a single tap. An option which, it must be admitted, greatly simplifies life.

The third feature in this category is call recording. This option which was until today only possible for premium users. Now it is available to any type of Truecaller user. However, to benefit from this, you must have a phone running at least Android 5.1.

The call recording function is not automatic. Its activation depends entirely on the will of the user. He can activate it manually from the app. Truecaller also added that the recorded calls are stored on the hard drive of the device.

Options reserved for premium users

In addition to functionality for the general public, Truecaller has also incorporated options for paying users in its new update. These include phantom call and call announcement.

The phantom call basically allows users to pretend that they have received a call from one of their contacts. The feature allows the user to set a name, number or picture that will display as if it were an actual call.

The user can also choose to display a contact from their directory and program the date on which the phantom call should appear. According to Truecaller, this new feature has two uses: to help people get out of sticky situations and to allow them to play pranks on their friends.

As for the call announcement function, it is intended for incoming calls. With it, users can now initiate a call by saying aloud the ID of the person they want to call. It works both on contacts saved in the user’s phone and on those identified by Truecaller’s database.

Source : The Switzerland Times

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