the announcement of the restoration of the post of Prime Minister is debated

the announcement of the restoration of the post of Prime Minister is debated
the announcement of the restoration of the post of Prime Minister is debated

Published on : 25/11/2021 – 23:01

The post of Prime Minister will therefore have been abolished for 19 months. Suppressed and resuscitated by the same politician: President Macky Sall. The majority justifies this reform following the crisis, the opposition accuses the Head of State of putting her interests before those of Senegal.

Taken and disseminated on the sly, integrated in the press release of the Council of Ministers, the president’s decision provoked a small political upheaval while the country is in an electoral campaign.

At the head of his Agir movement, Thierno Bocoum criticizes Macky Sall and accuses him of wasting time and of playing only his personal card. ” We cannot afford to waste two years groping about the presence or absence of a Prime Minister. Finally, it highlights his political calculations in relation to the management of the country and not a clear desire to move towards effective governance that will meet the needs of the populations. »

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Secretary General of the Government Abdou Latif Coulibaly explains that Macky Sall must manage the Covid health crisis and that he will also be at the head of the African Union on January 1. Hence the need to return to a Senegal with two heads: President-Prime Minister. Sure of itself and its policy, the majority does not even take the time to listen to the opposition.

« We, with responsibilities, we address first to the Senegalese, emphasizes Abdou Latif Coulibaly. Our approach is to explain what we are doing and not to respond to the opposition. »

The National Assembly could validate from November 30 this return of the Prime Minister. The battle for the post is therefore already open.

It was predictable, because the president cannot do everything, it is impossible… Senegal is a country which has a lot of files…

What do Dakar residents think of this turnaround?

Charlotte Idrac


announcement restoration post Prime Minister debated

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