Israel is arming Morocco with radars, drones, anti-missiles and fighter jets


The kingdom of Morocco continues its mad arms race with the acquisition of Israeli military equipment, mainly consisting of radars, drones and anti-missiles. Not to mention that the Moroccan fighter planes will be upgraded by the Israeli defense forces.

Morocco is embarking on a new phase of its policy of strengthening its military capacity, with the acquisition of drones and anti-missile systems made by Israel, not to mention the launch of a process to upgrade certain fighter jets. Royal Armed Forces. A real arms race started by the Shereefian kingdom in recent weeks.

The information, reported this Thursday, November 25, by the Israeli radio Kan, evoking a “hostile environment” in which Morocco would find itself, follows the visit of the Israeli Minister of Defense, Benny Gantz, who spent two days in Morocco. Which visit allowed the two countries to initial several security cooperation agreements.

In addition to the acquisition of armaments, military cooperation between Morocco and Israel includes the acquisition of security equipment, the joint training of elements of their armed forces. A firm decision taken by the Israeli authorities to armor Morocco, which is no longer in the odor of sanctity with Algeria, which strains the muscles and utters threats, especially since the death of Algerian truckers attributed to the kingdom.

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Israel arming Morocco radars drones antimissiles fighter jets

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