Despite the new conditions, large attendance for the teachers’ competition

Invited Wednesday evening to the program “Daif Khass” broadcast on 2M, Chakib Benmoussa stressed that 43% of applicants hold a baccalaureate diploma with honors, recalling that registrations remain open until December 4. He said that until November 24, 47,000 applications had been submitted for the recruitment competition for senior teachers of regional academies of education and training.

The Minister of National Education, Preschool and Sports answered the questions of the program “Special guest” on 2M on the next competition for teachers, in particular the controversial subject of fixing the maximum age of 30 for access the teaching profession.

For Benmoussa, the societal debate accompanying the new conditions decreed by the ministry for its support for teachers is “healthy”, because it “concerns Moroccan families who sacrifice themselves to achieve a quality school, which is efficient”, commented the minister in this 30-minute televised interview.

Regarding access to the competition, including setting the age of 30, Benmoussa explained that the preselection is now “based on excellence”, and that future teachers “must be trained to be able to advance the system “.

Integrating the over 30s into the educational body “will not help us achieve the desired objectives for the advancement of the sector” said Benmoussa, who denied any infringement of a constitutional right guaranteeing the taking of public office by all. Moroccans, whatever their age.


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