Daycare owner gets slapped on the fingers

Daycare owner gets slapped on the fingers
Daycare owner gets slapped on the fingers

The owner of the subsidized Garderie Le Jardin Enchanté in Lebourgneuf, in Quebec City, could have his license withdrawn due to numerous breaches, and this, on a repeated basis.

A prior notice of license revocation was sent to him on Wednesday. He now has ten days to comply with government requirements.

Last October, three toddlers “ran away” from the establishment. They were finally found a few hundred meters further on, on the other side of Boulevard Robert-Bourassa, which they crossed without surveillance.

A father told TVA Nouvelles on October 29 that it was not the first deplorable event to occur there. “The DPJ and the Ministry of the Family have been there several times in the past year,” he said.

The Ministry of the Family explained in an email to TVA Nouvelles, that “it acts in the sole interest of children, so as to ensure their safety, their well-being and their full development in a healthy and safe environment. .

Maintaining childcare services for parents is a priority for the Department; it does everything in its power to maintain the continuity of childcare services for parents, while ensuring the health and safety of children ”.

According to information shared by the Ministry of the Family, the permit holder has 10 days to send him his observations. As soon as it is received, the ministry will analyze the information transmitted as quickly as possible.

If the ministry considers that these are insufficient or unsatisfactory, a notice of revocation of the permit will be sent to the permit holder.

The owner of the daycare did not respond to calls from TVA Nouvelles.


Daycare owner slapped fingers

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