A 5th wave “much more intense than the others”

A 5th wave “much more intense than the others”
A 5th wave “much more intense than the others”

Europe is hit hard by the fifth wave of COVID-19, forcing several countries to re-enact containment measures and health rules.

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A former model student, Germany is currently facing its strongest wave of infection since the start of the pandemic.

Many hospitals are overwhelmed, as are the casket makers.

Slovakia has just entered into almost total containment for the next two weeks.

“This wave is much more intense than the others,” admits a Slovak doctor.

France is not to be outdone.

As the number of infections has tripled in two weeks in the country, the government is now opening the third dose to all adults, five months after their second.

The mask is also becoming mandatory in indoor public places, and those who are not vaccinated will have to be tested at their expense every 24 hours instead of every three days.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has also estimated that COVID-19 could cause 700,000 additional deaths in the Old Continent by spring.

And as if to add to the uncertainty, a new variant has just been discovered in South Africa, the worst discovered so far, according to British scientists.

If the situation deteriorates rapidly in Europe, things could be different in Canada.

According to experts, the country is likely to fare better than Europe in particular because the vaccination rate here is higher.

The federal Minister of Health warns, however, that the rise in infections in Canada is undoubtedly not over.

“In Quebec and in Canada, over the next few weeks, the situation will be a little more fragile due to the fact that people will be more and more inside,” said Jean-Yves Duclos.

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