The 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO from the 24h of Le Mans reproduced to perfection in used condition

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Amalgam Collection is a company that makes it possible to reproduce any car to order in a miniature version, at 1:18, 1:12, 1: 8 or even at 1: 4 with an extraordinary attention to detail. The latest production from this luxury goods maker is a Ferrari from the 1960s, and not just any. It is undoubtedly the model of the most legendary Italian manufacturer of that time: the 250 GTO. The 24 cm long car, reproduced at 1:18, has the distinction of being presented in “used condition”, exactly as it was at the finish of the 24 Hours of Le Mans race on June 24, 1962 .

The craftsmen of Amalgam Collection have accurately reproduced the rubber projections and the various signs of wear of the vehicle, according to photos taken during the last pit stop of the competition car (Motorsport Images archives), just before ‘she won a class victory in this legendary endurance race. Only 250 copies of this exceptional reproduction of the 3705 GT chassis of the Ferrari 250 GTO will be produced and sold at a unit price of € 1,361.00. A price which also includes a reproduction of the image which served as a model for this achievement.

A mythical copy

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Ferrari 250 GTO by Amalgam Collection | The photos of the Italian racing car at 1:18

Ferrari 250 GTOCredit Photo – Amalgam

Each model of the Ferrari 250 GTO Limited Edition No.19 1:18 by Amalgam Collection is based on the 3705 GT chassis, as it raced at the 24 Hours of Le Mans on June 23-24, 1962, with Pierre Noblet and Jean Guichet at his wheel. Each model has been meticulously hand painted and detailed using a digital scan of an original 250 GTO and paint codes provided directly by Ferrari. Every detail of the dirt accumulated during the race is meticulously reproduced on the bodywork. All models are handcrafted and assembled by a small team of craftsmen. Over 800 hours were needed to develop the base model with parts designed by molding and photoengraving or precision machined.

With its incredible charisma, the 250 GTO is the ultimate expression of performance and style in the 250 GT series. It features a 2,953 cc Colombo V12 engine developing 300 hp coupled to a new fully synchronized 5-speed manual gearbox. Its body designed by Sergio Scaglietti is mounted on a 250 GT chassis, for a spectacular result of beauty. In recent years, original copies have repeatedly set auction price records. Some 250 GTOs currently hold value records with not less than $ 38.1 million recently for the 3851 GT chassis and $ 48.4 million for the 3413 GT chassis. Paying a little over € 1,000 for an exceptional 1:18 scale model no longer seems so exorbitant compared to these vertiginous prices …

In short

Luxury miniature specialist Amalgam Collection signs an extremely detailed reproduction of the Ferrari 250 GTO N ° 19 chassis 3705 GT which won a class victory at Le Mans in 1962. The attention to detail extends to the reproduction of the accumulated dirt on the body during the race from a vintage photo (Motorsport Images archive). No less than 800 hours of work were required to manufacture the first 1:18 scale model. With a unit price of € 1,361.00, the car will only be produced at 250 units.


Ferrari GTO #24h Mans reproduced perfection condition

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