the PS5 is back in stock, it will leave very quickly

the PS5 is back in stock, it will leave very quickly
the PS5 is back in stock, it will leave very quickly

If a few units of the last PS5 were put on sale by the Carrefour site on Monday, the other merchants communicated very little about it. However, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a few units in stock for the PlayStation 5.

Yesterday morning, Cdiscount formalized a flash offer on the Xbox Series X / S. The next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft, however, have been very rare since their release. If you want to take advantage of a PS5 stock during Black Friday, you will have to be responsive. For this Friday, D-Day of the operation, expectations are high.

This Thursday at 11 am, it’s Micromania who announced a stock with PS5. The site displays a virtual queue has been created. It wouldn’t be surprising to see offers from other online merchants (links below). This Thursday evening, Cdiscount offered a pack with the PS5 and Spiderman. Occasionally, there are packs that come out but they always number in the hundreds.

To see the stock of PS5 at Amazon, it’s here:

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We have to face the facts: there will still be a lot of frustration for these end-of-year celebrations. You should know that online merchants have not communicated for months on the few PlayStation 5 units they have in their stock. Indeed, as soon as a sale is announced, e-commerce sites are taken by storm and they become unavailable one after the other. Either way, they know the consoles are going to sell out, so they don’t need to announce it publicly.

Even without any announcements, PS5 stocks for a possible Black Friday will go away in a few minutes at most. Whether on Amazon, Cdiscount or Fnac (without any guarantee), you have to go there haphazardly. If you’re lucky, you might be able to get your hands on a Sony PlayStation 5. The stock is again not insured by anyone.

The new PS5 is nowhere to be found in stock

On resale sites, you can find PS5 consoles in stock – but at incredible prices. Some models sell for more than 1,000 euros each: there is a real market for the purchase / resale of these products, it is even becoming unhealthy. Unfortunately, electronics giant Sony doesn’t seem to have a short-term fix. The Japanese firm says its difficulties will last at least until the middle of next year, if not beyond.

While it was formalized in October 2020, it has been more than a year since the PS5 is not in stock. For this Black Friday, the PlayStation is unlikely to make many appearances. All great console lovers are on the lookout for offers, you have to be lucky and arrive at the right time. But again, no merchant has communicated on a possible stock.

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Where is the problem with Sony? With a few million units sold of its PS5, Sony has clearly failed to satisfy all the demand. The console is far from being the best-selling in its category this year and this penalizes the video game industry as a whole. On Microsoft consoles, the Series S version is easier to stock: it is less powerful than the Xbox Series X. The latter was available for 5 minutes on Cdiscount on Black Friday Thursday.

The Japanese electronics giant explained that the PS5 out of stock for Black Friday (and for the rest of the time …) is linked to a production concern. Indeed, there is a global crisis in semiconductors. The manufacturer can not find processors that can run the PlayStation 5. It is not the only one since manufacturers of phones and other computers are also affected.

However, the future for this global shortage is not bright. Many experts claim that it will still be very difficult to find these products for the whole coming year. It could even go further. This component crisis is not just targeting the stock of PS5s. It is closely linked to the health crisis which has forced many factories to close in Asia. Even the auto industry is heavily affected by these difficulties.

Comment optimiser son Black Friday ?

Since this Thursday, Amazon has been holding its famous Black Friday. The leading e-commerce player in France decided this year to spread its operation over two full days. It will therefore take place this Thursday and tomorrow Friday. The offers will be the same with a few exceptions. We have not been kept informed about any PS5 stock. But once again, the merchant site never talks about it to avoid the rush.

If you’re lucky enough to see a stock of PS5s for Black Friday, whether it’s the Standard version or the Digital Edition (same power apart from the fact that it doesn’t have a Blu-Ray drive), you’ll have to go for it. You must immediately take out your payment card and pay for your purchase. In a few minutes or seconds, everything will be gone. As soon as a small amount of PlayStation 5 is available in stock, information spreads like wildfire through social media.

Apart from the PS5 which is therefore not in stock, there are however some very good deals to be found on Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac and others. We therefore invite you to take the time this Thursday to discover all the discounts that are displayed. You can achieve savings of 30 to 40% on the biggest brands of the moment.

To see a possible stock at Amazon, it’s here:

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