What is happening at Immigration Canada?

Francophones discriminated against, Ottawa is turning away more and more Francophone students, especially those from Africa. What reaction can one have in front of such titles of recent articles published in The duty ? The observations mentioned are distressing and insulting for Quebec. In addition, as if that was not enough, we read in another article that English-speaking students from India are popular! Have Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada officials received specific instructions to process requests from foreign students wishing to come and study in Quebec, i.e. to increasingly refuse those who speak French and to accept more besides those who speak English? It is legitimate, I think, to ask the question when we see what is happening now. In addition, we even wonder whether officials are aware that there are CEGEPs in Quebec. If they don’t know this, there are serious problems in this ministry. In short, I would be curious to hear the reasons for this treatment which, without attributing malicious intentions to anyone, seems to be a double standard.

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