The teenager, Coralie Lessard, unfortunately found dead – News

The teenager, Coralie Lessard, unfortunately found dead – News
The teenager, Coralie Lessard, unfortunately found dead – News

Coralie Lessard, 15, who was actively wanted in Magog following her disappearance was unfortunately located lifeless in a wooded and isolated area not far from where she was last seen by hunters.

The discovery was made this morning around 10:45 am by police officers who were still carrying out research on the ground in very targeted areas.

There is nothing to suggest that the death was the result of a criminal act. A coroner’s inquest will determine the exact cause of death.

Yesterday, the Memphremagog Police Authority put an end to the intensive searches.

The intensive searches had been carried out for 4 days without being able to find any clue. Ten square kilometers were covered by the 200 or so workers who have participated in the research since the last weekend.

Several technical tools were including all-terrain vehicles, a helicopter, a dog handler, a water craft as well as drones.

The Memphremagog Police Authority had indicated that “despite appearances from the days preceding her disappearance, Coralie was in psychological distress and we had reason to believe that she could attack herself. It is for this reason that we have spared no effort and that we have deployed all these resources in the sector in question. Unfortunately, despite this, no clue has been found in the past few days. ”

The police had also invited the owners of residences in the Omerville and Venice sectors in Magog to do regular checks on their outbuildings and check the places where the teenager could have taken refuge.

All our sympathies to the family of Coralie Lessard.


Coralie Lessard, 15, from Magog: Missing for more than 48 hours

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