here is the weather forecast region by region

This Thursday, a not very active cold front linked to a depression over Finland will circulate over our regions. Friday, a deep depression will widen in the North Sea and will move towards our country during the next weekend. This will then send maritime air of disturbed and unstable polar origin towards our regions, favoring a very variable weather with precipitation which will adopt a winter character. And as announced by Luc Trullemans, we could have up to 20 cm of powder in places!


This evening, sunny spells and cloudy fields, causing some showers to the west and the center. In the south of the country, the cloudiness will be more abundant and we can expect low precipitation, winter in nature in the high Ardennes. Tonight there will again be the possibility of low clouds as well as mist and fog, freezing in the high Ardennes. The minima will be around -2 degrees in Hautes-Fagnes, 0 degrees in the center and 5 degrees at sea. The wind will be weak to moderate from the westerly sector. On the coast, it will be moderate north-west then west.


Friday morning, low clouds will be present south of the Sambre-et-Meuse groove while elsewhere, the cloudiness will be more variable. Showers will be possible in places. Subsequently, the weather will become very cloudy over the west as a disturbance approaches which will give the first rains during the afternoon. In the evening, precipitation will reach the east of the country and will be snow above 500 m. The maxima will vary between 1 degree in the Ardennes and 6 degrees in the west. The southwest wind will initially be moderate in the interior, or even temporarily quite strong when the disturbance passes. At the rear, the wind will move west-northwest to the coast.


On Saturday, the weather will be very variable with many clouds and regular showers. In the Ardennes, it will be snow fondant or snow. In the center and in Campine, snow melting can be observed under a more intense downpour. The maxima will reach 0 or 1 degree in the Hautes-Fagnes, 4 degrees in the center and 6 degrees in the west. The wind will be moderate from the west or southwest in the interior. At sea, it will be a fairly strong north-northwest wind.


Sunday, the weather will remain variable with showers of snow or from snow melting in the Ardennes. In the plains, it will be rain showers. On the coast, these showers can be intense and accompanied by a thunderclap. The maxima will oscillate between 0 degrees in Hautes-Fagnes and 6 degrees in the west. The wind will often be moderate from the southwest. Often quite strong sea, north-west sector.

On Monday

On Monday, the weather will remain variable with sunny spells and cloudy periods, but it will be temporarily drier. The maxima will be between 0 degrees in the upper Ardennes and 6 degrees in the west. Sustained westerly wind.


Tuesday, a disturbance will cross the country giving rain in the plains and still temporarily winter precipitation in the Ardennes. Behind the disturbance, milder air will reach the country. The maximum will be between 4 and 9 degrees in a moderate west to northwest wind.


On Wednesday, the weather seems to remain disturbed or unstable. Still fairly mild with maximums 6 to 9 degrees in a moderate south-westerly wind.

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