Stock markets, stimulus levers for Africa

Stock markets, stimulus levers for Africa
Stock markets, stimulus levers for Africa

The stock markets constitute a real lever for the recovery of Africa. This is one of the main findings of the 24th Annual Conference of the African Securities Exchanges Association (ASEA). This was held on November 24 and 25 and for the first time in digital format.

About thirty experts from various countries took part in this international meeting. Placed under the theme “Financial markets, essential engines of the emergence of Africa”, this 24th edition aimed to answer various strategic questions, in particular those relating to the development of African financial markets as well as to economic growth. from the continent.

For Dr. Edoh Amenounve, president of ASEA, “African stock markets have been engaged for several years in a process of integration. For us, the important thing today is to see the possibility of strengthening collaboration between these stock exchanges, in order to work together so that capital can circulate freely between our countries ”.

On this occasion, the president of ASEA welcomed the preponderant role that Morocco plays in “these integration projects”. Indeed, since the creation of the Casablanca Stock Exchange in 1929, the Kingdom “actively participates in all the questions on which we are debating for the acceleration of the development of the markets”.

With 26 African stock exchanges and 2,400 listed companies representing a total market capitalization of more than 1,600 billion US dollars (61% of the continent’s GDP), ASEA is the leading association of stock exchanges in Africa. This “works to mobilize the ecosystems of African capital markets, in order to promote sustainable development and strengthen financial inclusion”, for the benefit of the continent’s economic development.



Stock markets stimulus levers Africa

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