private parties, bars and transport are the places where we are most infected this summer

private parties, bars and transport are the places where we are most infected this summer
private parties, bars and transport are the places where we are most infected this summer

The means of transport were associated with an increased risk of contamination, of + 30%, in particular for trains. PHILIPPE LOPEZ / AFP

Evenings with friends and bars for those under 40; the presence of a child at home for those over 40; but also the plane, the train, the car shared with relatives and the metro: these are the main places and circumstances of contamination by the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 identified in France, between May 23 and August 13 . These findings are not all transposable to the winter situation, in particular for restaurants, which, during this period, were mostly frequented outdoors.

To reconstruct the scenes of this “infectious crime”, the investigators used a well-tried protocol: that of the ComCor study, conducted by the Pasteur Institute with the National Health Insurance Fund (CNAM), Public Health France and the Ipsos institute. On November 26, the fourth part of this study was published in the journal The Lancet Regional Health Europe.

This is a nationwide “case-control” study. Between May 23 and August 13, therefore, the authors compared 12,634 adults infected with SARS-CoV-2 (“cases”) to 5,560 uninfected adults (“controls”), recruited from a panel. national representative. “Cases” and “controls” were compared during the same weeks of exposure, the authors ensuring that age and sex were equivalent in each pair compared, as were the region and the population density of the place of residence. .

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Participants were asked to complete an online questionnaire. Then, a sophisticated statistical analysis (known as “multivariate logistic regression”) determined to what extent the acute infection with SARS-CoV-2 was associated with recent activities exposing them to the coronavirus, with a history of infection as well as with vaccination status.

“The period studied corresponds to that of the gradual reopening of public places, as well as the appearance of the Delta variant in the metropolitan area », Explains the Institut Pasteur. Among the 12,634 people who tested positive, 8,644 (68%), in fact, were diagnosed with this variant.

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This study first made it possible to identify one of the springs of the flash dynamic of the current epidemic. Of the participants, 651 had a single contact with the subject who infected them with the Delta variant. The analysis of these people reveals that the incubation period of this variant is only 4.3 days: shorter, therefore, than the five days of incubation of the previous variants, measured in the 8,442 individuals who had a contact. unique to the person who infected them.

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