Here are the 5 best-selling smartphones in the world in 2021

Here are the 5 best-selling smartphones in the world in 2021
Here are the 5 best-selling smartphones in the world in 2021

Smartphones are all the rage and lots of people buy one to use them. Everyone wants to be fashionable, to be on social networks …

“Four of the five best-selling smartphones in the first three quarters of 2021 are Apple branded.”

IPhones therefore monopolize a good number of sales all over the world.

Francisco Jeronimo, vice president of devices for Europe, Middle East and Africa at market research firm IDC posted a small infographic of the current year’s bestsellers on his Twitter account.

They do not include exact figures but it shows a trend: iPhones hit the nail on the head in 2021. If the various iPhone 13s, which have only been marketed since September of this year, are not included in this ranking, others Apple phones have been very successful since Jan. 1.

The iPhone 12 is thus the best-selling phone according to IDC. When we know that the Apple smartphone was marketed from 909 euros until the release of the iPhone 13 (it is now displayed at 809 euros), it’s a little surprise.

Behind, it is the Samsung Galaxy A12 which takes second place. Released in February 2021 at just under 300 euros, the A12 is therefore the best-selling smartphone of the South Korean brand. Which quite logical, Samsung monopolizing the door place of the world ranking of the telephony market in terms of market share for years thanks to its entry and mid-range models.

On the third step of the podium, we find … the iPhone 11. However released in 2019, this Apple phone has conquered the crowds throughout the year 2021. Which augurs well for a great success in 2022 for the ‘iPhone 12. The Pro Max and Pro versions of the latter complete this Top 5 best-selling smartphones in the world.

With four of the five most popular phones in 2021, everyone suspects that the year will be pretty good for the Cupertino company.


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