Valérie Lemercier responds to Celine Dion’s family who criticize “Aline”

Posted on Thursday, November 25, 2021 at 12:51 p.m.

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Attacked by some members of the Dion family for her film “Aline”, Valérie Lemercier wanted to respond to the accusations.

This Wednesday, we spoke to you about Claudette and Michel Dion, the godmother and godfather of Celine Dion. The two members of the singer’s family were not kind to the film “Aline” by Valérie Lemercier.

« This is not our life “, Blurted Claudette, who did not fail to attack Valérie Lemercier directly:” She took a nasty trip on the back of Celine’s life. And yet, as the actress has already said, the feature film is a fake biopic of the star, and therefore does not respect reality from A to Z.

And it is with this argument that the principal concerned replied: ” I said from the start that this movie was fictional and that there was a lot that was invented and fictionalized. What interested me was having a little freedom to tell this story. It is cinema, a fiction. I’m not going to apologize for existing and for making this movie. (…) I was very careful to pay tribute to her and never to damage her and her family. I think that I did not give the fuck out of the world », Declared Valérie Lemercier to the Journal de Montréal.

At the newspaper La Presse, she confirms her position, directly citing Celine Dion’s godfather and godmother: ” I heard that Claudette and Michel Dion found the house dirty. But I took so much care to keep it looking tidy and clean. The cinematographer shed the most beautiful light possible so that everyone was beautiful… even me, who was ugly. I know there are other people in the family who haven’t spoken publicly and who really liked the film. The family is big. You can’t please everyone. This is what is said!


Valérie Lemercier responds Celine Dions family criticize Aline

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