Vaccinated but positive for Covid-19, our readers do not regret their third dose

What is the common point between the rapper Booba and the readers of 20 Minutes ? No, they don’t master the art of auto-tune as well as the Duc de Boulogne… But if we trust

of the rapper, he would be positive for Covid-19 despite his doses of vaccine, like many of our readers who massively responded to our call for testimonials.

The latest figures published by the government show 30 million booster doses received by the French. But with the spread of the Omicron variant, many have contracted it, although their vaccination schedule is complete. Because, if vaccination against Covid-19 essentially protects against serious forms of the disease, it does not prevent contamination. World Health Organization Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus recently confirmed that the Omicron variant “causes less severe forms than Delta”, although it remains a dangerous virus.

“Fortunately I was vaccinated, because I think it would have been worse”

For the majority of our triple-vaccinated readers who tested positive for Covid-19, the symptoms are mild, which seems to be the norm with the Omicron variant. But most symptomatic people have eitherabnormal fatigue: this is the case for 43% of the 338 people surveyed by Public Health France on January 4. This symptom is closely followed by cough (40%) and fever (35%).

This is the case of Thomas, “I am young, and I received my three doses. A week ago I contracted Covid-19. The symptoms are those of a big flu, but luckily I was vaccinated, because I think it would have been worse. “An opinion shared by Thérèse and her spouse: “Third injection made in mid-December. Our symptoms are equivalent to those of a cold. We do not regret having taken this third dose which protects us from serious forms. Morgane, according to her, could have ended up in the hospital without the vaccination: “I received my third dose on December 23rd. I tested positive on January 1. I am overweight and I think the vaccine protected me, only having a small cold as an effect. »

Headaches, nausea, disruption of the menstrual cycle…

But if some have the feeling of having only a “little” cold, others have slightly more disturbing symptoms… But they don’t regret their third dose. Ingrid received it at the beginning of December: “Since January 5, I have been positive for Covid-19. For the moment, I am still positive and with symptoms: intense headaches, severe fatigue, nausea, shortness of breath. My daughter who is also positive is asymptomatic. I tell myself that if I had perhaps not been vaccinated it would have been probably worse. »

Justine, an English teacher, received her third dose of the Pfizer vaccine on December 9, 2021, causing a disruption in her menstrual cycle for the second time. She explains to us that after contracting Covid-19 on January 4, her condition deteriorated: “I wake up with night sweats, then a cold, runny nose, itchy throat, painful aches. I rushed to do a PCR test. Result: the Omicron variant was detected…. I am confined for seven days. I have trouble breathing, I sleep around 17 hours a day and I get exhausted from the slightest exertion. I am 25 years old and I am relatively in good physical shape. Maybe I would have landed in intensive care if I hadn’t been vaccinated… We’ll never know. “However, “for my job, I had to protect my students as well as my family and therefore to vaccinate myself even if I perfectly understand the people who do not “submit” to it…”

Olivier Véran, Minister of Health, invites all eligible people to do their booster dose to protect themselves, protect others but also so as not to clog our health system: “Delta threatens our resuscitation with its serious forms. Omicron threatens our medicine beds with its many symptomatic forms. In both cases, the booster vaccine protects. Telework, the limitation of large gatherings and the vaccination pass are slowing down. »

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