King of antiviruses on Mac, Intego makes its best sales (-60%)

King of antiviruses on Mac, Intego makes its best sales (-60%)
King of antiviruses on Mac, Intego makes its best sales (-60%)

Especially for the start of the year, Intego is offering a crazy price on its antivirus for Mac. With one of the best solutions on the market, you are guaranteed to protect your Mac computer… and save money.

Many people mistakenly believe that Mac computers are not prone to cyberattacks. However, the macOS operating system can also be subject to vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malicious actors. Fortunately, there are solutions to protect yourself, such as this Mac antivirus from Intego.

Thanks to the excellent discount put forward by Intego, this antivirus for Mac is displayed at the price of 19.99 euros per year instead of 49.99 euros. The immediate discount on the solution is -60%, which means that you won’t be able to find better from other competitors like Bitdefender, McAfee or others. With this price-performance ratio, this tool is unbeatable on the market.

To discover the Mac antivirus at Intego, it’s here:

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Before going into the details of what this Mac antivirus includes, it should be noted that the reduction advanced by Intego is not intended to last. This is a one-time offer unveiled in parallel with the winter sales at the start of the year, it is likely that it will not remain available for more than a few days on the official site. If you want to secure your Mac computer at a bargain price, it’s now or never.

Antivirus for Mac and much more

This antivirus for Mac can boast of being among the best on the market today. Intego has been around since 1997, its strength lies in the fact that it has focused on macOS since its inception rather than turning to Windows and then adapting its tool to Mac computers afterwards, like most of its competitors. In this sense, it even boasts of being effective against 100% of viruses, a claim approved by AV-Test.

Today, Intego offers its Mac antivirus called Mac Internet Security X9 at a price of 19.99 euros per year. If you want to choose only this tool, it is possible. However, you should know that this security expert also offers a complete protection solution for Mac computers. In addition, it also benefits from an excellent reduction this weekend.

Called Mac Premium Bundle X9, this service costs 29.99 euros per year instead of 84.99 euros. Once again, the discount applied by Intego is exceptional. In detail, this solution includes the famous antivirus for Mac, but also a cleaning tool, a parental control tool, a data backup tool and a firewall.

Intego’s solution avoids many risks and threats that could impact your device, knowing that you can also protect your children when they browse the web. In addition, you can also make your Mac computer regain up to 50% of its speed thanks to the cleaner which removes unnecessary, questionable or duplicate files. In short, this premium tool covers all uses in addition to acting as an antivirus for Mac.

To discover the Mac Premium Bundle X9 solution, it’s here:

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Whether you take the Mac antivirus or the complete solution from Intego, you are sure to find solutions that meet your expectations in terms of security and efficiency. In addition, the software is installed and then used very easily on a daily basis. It works in the background without disturbing you with notifications that are as untimely as they are anxiety-provoking.

We must remember that the offers on this antivirus for Mac or this Mac Premium Bundle X9 solution may disappear shortly. Intego is unveiling these crazy discounts as the sales are underway this early in the year, which means they won’t last forever.

To see this Mac antivirus offer from Intego, it’s here:

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