10th anniversary of the Rabat Zoological Garden: Barid Al-Maghrib issues a commemorative postage stamp

The Barid Al-Maghrib Group proceeded, on Friday, in partnership with the Zoological Garden of Rabat, to the special issue of a postage stamp to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Garden.

This postage stamp, which is part of the annual program of special issues devoted to the theme of the environment, enriches the philatelic collection dedicated to the animal world (shells, fish, mammals, birds, butterflies, etc.), and this since 1962, indicates a joint press release from Barid Al-Maghrib and the Zoological Garden of Rabat.

By way of example, the press release cites, in particular, programs directly linked to the theme of the environment such as “World Environment Day” in 2020, “the bee and the lemon tree” in 2019, “International Year of Biological Diversity” and “Earth Day” in 2010, or the series of two postage stamps illustrating “the Atlas lion” and the monkey “Le Magot” in 2006.

The Zoological Garden of Rabat is a very high quality structure, built in accordance with international standards in this area and the requirements of sustainable development.

This institution, which has welcomed approximately 5.5 million visitors since its opening in 2012, has as its main missions to present the richness of the Kingdom’s natural ecosystems, to constitute a space for the conservation of Moroccan and African animal species and to carry out research. scientists for an in-depth knowledge of rare species, in particular those threatened with extinction.

And to recall that a block of four postage stamps had been issued during the inauguration of the same Zoological Garden of Rabat, in 2012.

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