the Pixel Notepad name and a competitive price mentioned

Google’s foldable smartphone is making a name for itself again. Its price could be lower than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold.

Rendu 3D du Google Pixel Fold // Source : Mac Rumors

Google’s foldable smartphone project continues to be talked about. The latest version of Android 12L contained information about the device, and the 9To5Google site was able to draw new leaks around the project. As a reminder, it is for Google to launch a foldable smartphone that turns into a tablet, like the Galaxy Z Fold 3 from Samsung or the Oppo Find N.

According to the site, the smartphone should be called the Google Pixel Notepad. The name “Logbook” would also have been on the table at one time, which reinforces the idea of ​​a name referring to the notebook or the notebook. Obviously, this name can still change from here to the announcement of the product by Google. This is indeed a new line of products, and Google has no particular convention to follow when naming it.

A competitive price

The most interesting is not so much the name of the device as its characteristics and price. The 9To5Google site thinks it knows from its source that the Google Pixel Notepad would be sold for less than $1,800. This may seem very high, but it means that the price planned by Google would be lower than that of the Galaxy Z Fold 3. In France, if we take into account the price of Samsung, it means that the Google Pixel Notepad would be launched at less than 1800 euro.

Unfortunately, Google is reportedly planning a US-only launch initially. The international launch would be planned later. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long. The availability of Google devices in Europe and more specifically in France is still one of the major obstacles for the brand. The brand has notably chosen not to launch the Pixel 5a in our regions.

Google has promised to launch Android 12L, a version suitable for foldable and large-screen devices, earlier this year. We can hope that the Google Pixel Notepad will be presented jointly.

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