Halo Infinite – Cyber ​​Showdown: dates, modes, rewards… all the info! | Xbox One

Halo Infinite – Cyber ​​Showdown: dates, modes, rewards… all the info! | Xbox One
Halo Infinite – Cyber ​​Showdown: dates, modes, rewards… all the info! | Xbox One

Since November, Halo Infinite has been in the news for good and bad reasons. While multiplayer has been very well received for its excellent gameplay, the content it offers fails to satisfy gamers. The game currently has too few maps and modes. However, a new event is coming next week and will introduce an experience much appreciated by fans of the license!

Cyber ​​Showdown: dates, modes, rewards… everything you need to know!

343 Industries seems to be picking up the pace when it comes to events. After having completed two weeks of Fracture: Tenrai and one of Winter Contigency, it is now Cyber ​​Showdown’s turn to knock on the door of the FPS.

Even though the content of the event has been leaking for many months, this teaser allows us to confirm everything we have seen so far. Thus, thanks to datamining, we know that 10 rewards will be unlocked.

To do this, you will have to complete challenges in games in 4 game modes, namely Assassin, Single Flag, Capture the Flag and King of the Hill. Yes, Halo Infinite will finally welcome King of the Hill mode! Hopefully the experience will then integrate the game’s permanent playlists!

Cyber ​​Showdown will be available from January 18 to 24, so remember to play hard to overcome your challenges and unlock all 10 elements! Remember that all this content is obviously free.

The shop will also be updated to offer cosmetics in line with the event.

Halo Infinite is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC via the Microsoft Store and Steam. The multiplayer is accessible for free while the campaign must be purchased separately. It is of course included in Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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