Quinté+: Elie de Beaufour can confirm in the Quinté+ of this Saturday January 15 at Vincennes

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After his misstep on December 9, Elie de Beaufour (9) resumed his march forward, ten days later, by winning the Prix Jean Dumouch (Gr3) against rivals of the caliber of Feliciano or Ce Bello Romain, then that he was only deferred from the previous ones. Completely barefoot this time, this resident of Jean-Michel Bazire looks formidable.

We will oppose him especially Discoloration (6), at the top of his condition, as evidenced by his last two successes.

Rarely lined up barefoot, Cash du Rib (14) represents a nice gamble in this lot. We will then retain it ahead of Delfino (5), in sight during its last two outings at this same course, and Fric du Chêne (7), the score of Quinté+ on January 9th.

For his big comeback on the Parisian cinder, Duel du Gers (12) also deserves a mention with Et Voilà de Muze (3), on the rise, and Elvis du Vallon (15), not to condemn too quickly.

Equidia’s prognosis

By Olivier Pivain


The starters in detail and the opinion of the pros

1 Foxtrot Sea

Since his victory in June in Toulouse, this resident of Cédric Mégissier has been going through a bad patch. The only fully shod competitor at the start of this Quinté+, it will probably have a hard time dealing with such opposition. Without us.

Cedric Megissier, trainer:

On December 18, on shorter, Foxtrot Sea (1) was not unworthy. His goal will be the Jean René Gougeon Prize, in two weeks. This race will therefore allow him to maintain his condition. With his irons, you can spread him.

2 For You Madrik

Quickly at fault in the Quinté+ of January 9, this representative of Joël Séché had previously only found the very good Evarite du Bourg to block his way to success at Cagnes. Although only deferred from the forerunners here, it remains to be watched.

Jean-Luc Bigeon, trainer:

On January 9, For You Madrik (2) was at fault after a very fast start. He is in perfect condition in the morning. The opposition is raised, but it will make its race. He is able to grab a place.

3 Here’s to Muze

Without questioning the superiority of Décoloration (6), this resident of Sébastien Guarato assured us of his form on December 15 by obtaining a good second place over the 2,850 meters of the main track. Once again, we will have to reckon with him.

Adrien Guarato, representative of the coach:

Et Voilà de Muze (3) provided very good value on December 15th. His behavior pleased us a lot. He remained in similar physical condition. He should fight for the top spots.

4 Sky Blue

Since July, this son of Milord Drill has raced exclusively in Corsica, with varying fortunes. After a break of three months, he tackles here a strong part for his resumption of contact with the competition. Impasse advised.

John Morice, trainer:

We sent Bleu Ciel (4) to Corsica a few months ago. He could not stand out on the grass, a surface on which he is less comfortable. Since his return home, he has been very toned and in good spirits. Faced with this opposition, he will surely lack rhythm, but I hope to see him follow. It’s hard to imagine him in the top five.

5 Delfino

Away from the slopes between November 2020 and last June, this resident of Mathieu Mottier quickly found the right fuel. In sight during its last two outings on the course that interests us, it promises to be competitive again in this lot.

Mathieu Mottier, trainer and driver:

Hot, I was a little disappointed with Delfino’s last fourth place (5). Looking closer, he had a tough journey. In addition, it is often less sharp during the winter. However, its morning form is exemplary and it has more freshness than others. I know he has the level to be on the podium.

6 Discoloration

Victorious at the expense of Et Voilà de Muze (3) in mid-December, this resident of Jean-Michel Baudouin brilliantly doubled the bet on Christmas Day on the course that interests us. On its way, it should still play a major role at the finish.

Louis Baudouin, representative of the coach:

Discoloration (6) has just dominated his subject twice. Since then, everything has gone well in training. The batch is stronger this time, but it should confirm its fine form. She will still give the best of herself.

7 Oak Money

This representative of Claude Guedj was never able to express himself in the final phase of Quinté+ on January 9, rallying the post with obvious resources. Judged on his fifth place last December 5 in the GNT Final, he finds here the opportunity to shine.

Julien Le Mer, trainer:

As Fric du Chêne (7) has to run hidden, he sometimes has some traffic problems. On January 9, he never managed to find the opening. I therefore allow myself to run it at seven days. The field is strong, but with a favorable course, it can finish in the winning combination of Quinté+.

8 Cicero Noa

After taking part in the Tour Européen du Trotteur Français, this son of Mandarino Blue had to settle for eighth place in the Quinté+ of 9 January for his return to Vincennes. In this Quinté+, only fans of outsiders will be interested in its candidacy.

The reporter’s opinion:

Cicero Noa (8) was not ridiculous during his most recent performance, on shorter. That said, this performance seems insufficient to hope for a good ranking in such an event. He will certainly find it difficult to compete.

9 Elie de Beaufour

After his misstep on December 9, this resident of Jean-Michel Bazire resumed his march forward, ten days later, by winning the Prix Jean Dumouch (Gr3) against rivals of the caliber of Feliciano or Ce Bello Romain, when he was only barefooted from the previous ones. Completely barefoot this time, it looks formidable.

Nicolas Bazire, representative of the coach:

Elie de Beaufour (9) has just won brilliantly in a Group III. He is perfect in training. This time, we are able to unshod him four feet. All the lights are green to see him play a leading role.

10 Fairy Wood

Dauphine of Dorgos de Guez in August in the Prix Jean-Luc Lagardère (Gr2), this resident of Laurent-Claude Abrivard has not had the same success during her last three attempts at Vincennes. Presented with freshness, it should not be condemned too quickly.

Alexandre Abrivard, driver :

Féerie Wood (10) is less sharp than last year. She will join the stud after the meeting. I judge her in better shape than during her run on December 19. I hope to see her regain her image by taking third or fourth place.

11 Fire Cracker

Winner of six races in 2021, including two stages of the GNT, this son of Quaro was much less convincing during his last two outings in the provinces. Finding Éric Raffin here in his sulky, he is not incapable of remembering our good memories.

The reporter’s opinion:

Fire Craker (11) could not benefit from a favorable course last time. Constantly in thickness, it logically capped in the final phase. His best performances give him a good chance, but where is he? To retain it or not is a matter of impression.

12 Duel of the Gers

This resident of Matthieu Abrivard had shone last winter at Vincennes and remains on several good attempts in the provinces. For his big comeback on the Parisian ash, a coup on his part is absolutely not to be excluded.

Matthieu Abrivard, trainer and driver:

Duel du Gers (12) finished very well last, in Bordeaux, when he had to go the distance. It always shows a beautiful form in the morning. It will need a favorable course to compete at this level. If so, a place is within reach.

13 Ourville Blues

Fifth in this same event last year, this son of Password remains very intermittent. That said, he still surprises him, as in his third place on November 9 behind Elie de Beaufour in the Prix Medusa (9). For a surprise.

Virginie Moquet, trainer:

Blues d’Ourville (13) is taking advantage of his last engagements in France. He stayed very well in the morning and still has the desire to go into battle. I know he will give his best. That said, in the face of such opposition, sixth place would satisfy us.

14 Cash du Rib

Dauphin of Duel du Gers (12) at the end of November in the Grand Prix de Salon-de-Provence (Gr3), this resident of Jean-Loïc Claude Dersoir has not confirmed during his last two outings. Presented entirely barefoot this time, a redemption on his part seems possible.

Jean-Loic Claude Dersoir, trainer and driver:

In Bordeaux, Cash du Rib (14) could not fully express himself. With a luckier course, he would have done better than seventh. I try something by unshod him four feet, something I have very rarely done in his career. I believe he is capable of grabbing fourth or fifth place.

15 Elvis du Vallon

Winner of the Green Trophy Final (Gr3) on September 6 at Craon, this representative of the Haras de l’Epinay rather left us unsatisfied during his last attempts. Well engaged here, it is not incapable of resurfacing.

The reporter’s opinion:

Elvis du Vallon (15) discovers interesting racing conditions. After a preparation course in Bordeaux, with his trainer in the sulky, he will present himself in “race mode” this Saturday. It is one of the good chances.

16 Brilliant Madrik

Recently fifth under the saddle of Prix Yvonnick Bodin (Gr3), this son of Lilium Madrik had previously created a surprise by winning the Quinté+ of December 9 over 2,100 meters of the long track. The richest competitor of the lot, he is one of our regrets.

Alexandre Abrivard, representative of the coach:

Brilliant Madrik (16) has retained beautiful remains, as evidenced by his last courses. If the course is favorable to him, he is capable of finishing third or fourth.

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Relive in image the last victorious outing ofElie de Beaufour. In this same test, Fairy Wood, Cash du Rib, Ourville Blues and Cash of the Oak ranked seven, eight, nine and tenth respectively.

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