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Firearms, Dominique Vien’s big gap

What is Dominique Vien’s real position on gun control?

Ms. Vien is the Conservative Party candidate in Bellechasse-Les-Etchemins-Lévis and no one doubts her victory on September 20. She takes over from the conservative Steven Blaney, who was constantly re-elected from 2006 to 2019.

Former Liberal

At 54, Dominique Vien has a rich political past. She was the Liberal Member of Parliament for Bellechasse in 2003. The Charest government adopted, after the Dawson massacre, the “Anastasia law”, restricting the circulation of firearms.

Vien was in Cabinet when Quebec opposed the Harper government’s abolition of the gun registry. The Charest government went to court to challenge this decision; then returned to claim the registry data.

It is the Couillard government, to which Dominique Vien was also a member, which will pass, in 2016, Bill 64 creating a Quebec registry.

She swears that all her years as a Liberal, she voted Conservative at the federal level. Today, she says she is in tune with the positions of Erin O’Toole’s Party.

Even on the issue of guns? In his riding, it was not easy. In 2016, at the time of parliamentary debates on the creation of the register, “rural deputies” had, she says, “questions and discomfort”.

Bellechasse is aptly named: “There are many hunters there,” she smiles. The federal registry never passed. And the Quebecois was shunned.

But Philippe Couillard had imposed the party line on Bill 64. At the time of the adoption vote, some rural deputies had been made pale. Not Dominique Vien.

“When you are part of a political party, there are alignments that take place, and at the time, there is a position that was taken and we went forward. “

January 2017: the horrific massacre of the Quebec mosque. The Quebec register came into effect exactly one year later.

Does she regret having supported this law? “I am unable to answer. We were in such an emotional atmosphere. “

The big gap

On the issue of gun control, the Charest and Couillard governments, of which Vien was a member, mainly listened to groups arguing in favor of a registry and tighter gun control, primarily “Poly remembers “.

Erin O’Toole, himself, came to the head of the Conservative Party thanks to the groups opposed to these measures: “We really played the same role as the UPA (Union of agricultural producers) in the last race for the leadership” conservative , said Guy Morin, president of Tous contre un Québec registry of firearms, to the Canadian Press, in August 2020. Reminder: the UPA had beaten Maxime Bernier, opposed to supply management (heresy for the ‘UPA).

Morin, on his Facebook account, said on March 19 that he had met Erin O’Toole. The latter would have guaranteed him to “deliver the goods”: “In 30 days, we finally have the chance to earn what we want for the last six years: […] scrape the decree [de mai 2020], scrap the C-71 and maybe even get more. “

With these last two measures, the Trudeau government has tightened up the background checks. It now covers “the entire life of the applicant”, not just the last five. With the decree, it bans the possession of nine types of “assault weapon style firearms,” including Poly’s killer weapon.

Dominique Vien confides not knowing too much the details of the file, but maintains that “assault weapons do not exist in Quebec, in Canada”, except illegally: the Conservative Party simply does not wish to “ostracize” the hunters and those who devote themselves to sport shooting.

Vien does not want to choose his side: “I do not [me] not contradict Poly […] I would not want to be polarized in relation to two groups, I would be very unhappy if that is what emerges from this interview. “

Okay, but it’s a big, a big gap.

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