Police dismantle Italian Mafia cyber division

The Spanish and Italian police have achieved this with the support of Europol and Eurojust. The police have dismantled an association of cybercriminals operating in the Canary Islands, associated with various Italian mafia groups. The leader of the group was notably part of the Camorra in Naples. A total of 106 people have been arrested in Italy, the rest of them in Spain. In addition, 16 homes were attacked, 118 bank accounts were frozen and 224 credit cards were confiscated.

This criminal group was very well organized. It was a pyramid structure and had many fraud experts including phishing, voice phishing, SIM swapping, presidential scams, and bogus wire transfer scams. Apparently he also had a network of mules and money laundering and cryptocurrency experts to collect money. The victims were mainly Italian citizens. However, crimes are also committed in Spain, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom and Lithuania. During the year, these activities generated more than 10 million euros in profits.

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But cybercrime wasn’t the only thing bothering them. These mafias have also performed more classic stunts such as prostitution, blackmail, armed robbery, document fraud, social security fraud or murder. And they were always looking for a financial intermediary to wash the dirty money, so they don’t hesitate to kidnap women, point guns and force them to open 50 bank accounts. The group also owned 400 cannabis plant farms and a processing center to increase THC levels.

This repression shows very clearly that the classic mafia group includes cybercrime in its scope of activity. It is a place of activity like any other.

sauce : Europol, State Police, Policia Nacional

Police dismantle Italian Mafia cyber division

Source link Police dismantle Italian Mafia Cyber ​​Division


Police dismantle Italian Mafia cyber division

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