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Erwan Le Roux had relaunched on the Ocean Fifty circuit this season. But the president of the class was looking for a partner he has just found: it is the Koesio group which embarks with the 47-year-old Morbihannais until the end of 2022 at least. His next race? The Transat Jacques Vabre with Xavier Macaire, who will leave Le Havre on November 7th. And the Pro Sailing Tour 2022.


ERWAN LE ROUX: “In the life of a sailor, opportunities like this only come once. Koesio gives off something strong. Its name says a lot. Its management is based on people since it is, above all, based on shared values. This is an aspect to which I am both very sensitive and very attached. We are thus on the same wavelength and we speak the same language. Simplicity is one of the foundations of our relationship, and it’s fabulous ”

PIERIC BRENIER, CEO of Koesio: “Why sailing? Because it is both a human challenge, a sporting challenge, a crew challenge but also an environmental challenge. Why the Ocean Fifty? Because it is one of the most sporting and technological boats in ocean racing, carrying very beautiful images. Why Erwan Le Roux? Because he is a champion like Koesio and it is above all a story of men. For us, Erwan embodies humility, commitment, loyalty, honesty and rigor, values ​​that correspond to our team. Erwan has a very large track record and today leads a high-performance boat, the latest in the class. The cocktail is perfect and above all, it comes at the right tempo ”.

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